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Radiesse® is a unique dermal filler made from synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microspheres suspended in a water based gel carrier. Once injected, the gel instantly creates volume. Additionally Radiesse continues to work over time. The CaHA microspheres stimulate production of the body’s own collagen, which prolongs the volume replacement over an extended period of time. It can restore a healthy, youthful appearance and enhance existing features.


Radiesse® is used in many areas to enhance volume:

• Nasolabial folds: reducing the lines that go from the nose to the corner of the mouth.
• Shallow cheeks: replenishing the volume loss caused by reduced collagen production and fat  loss.
• Marionette lines: reducing the lines that go from the corner of the mouth down to the jawline.
• Nose, chin and chin fold: correcting indentations, tips, bumps and unevenness.
• Jaw lines: defining the contours of this area.
• Eyebrow and temple: lifting the eyebrows and filling out the hollow temples.
• Earlobe: enhancing the fullness and smoothness of the earlobes.  


Before re contouring            After re contouring  



The advantages of Radiesse®:

• Immediate results due to the elastic gel-matrix.
• Prolonged effect thanks to collagen stimulation.
• Lasts 12 month or longer in many patients.
• Well tolerated and no allergy test necessary.




Individual results are dependent on age, skin type, lifestyle, metabolism and, of course, the area treated. Generally the effect of the treatment lasts over a year or more. The product is 100% biodegradable and metabolised by the body naturally.

Are there any side effects?
You may experience some reaction to the injections. There may be mild swelling, pain, itching, bruising or discolouration, and increased sensitivity to pain. However, these usually disappear after a few days.