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Facial Recontouring

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What is Facial Recontouring?

Facial recontouring involves volumising and correcting facial contours. The ageing face typically loses fat and the thickness of the skin is reduced. This leads to facial features becoming 'saggy' creating jowls and folds and the face changing shape. A youthful appearance is plump and full with very little separation of the facial features. By restoring volume and correcting imperfections in the facial contours we can achieve rejuvenation, lift and volume without the intervention of surgery.

How is Facial Recontouring achieved?

There are several products that can be used to correct and volumise facial features and in some cases a combination of products and procedures are used to bring about the best results. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Restylane and Perlane can be used as well as Radiesse and Sculptra.

How much will it cost?

Facial recontouring procedures are tailor made to suit your individual needs. Depending on the products used and the various procedures we have a range of prices as well as package prices for facial recontouring. Package prices include an additional top up session if required. Following your consultation the Doctor will advise you on the costs.

Can I do anything before having the treatment to see if I am going to like it?

You may feel a little apprehensive about having recontouring work. We can treat the area with a temporary filler that will last only a few hours but will give you an idea of how the finished result will look like.


Who will be doing my treatment?

Facial recontouring is only carried out by the doctor who is experienced and skilled with these type of procedures.


What should I do next if I want a treatment?

It couldn't be easier call or email us to arrange a consultation in one of our national clinics.

If you have more questions please e mail us or call 01206 298464/0870 4585483 and we will be happy to answer you questions.


What areas can be treated with Facial Recontouring?

There are many areas that can be sculpted and corrected using this technique. During your consultation the Doctor will look closely at your face and at how you have aged. We often ask you to bring in a photograph of yourself when you felt your features were more youthful to help us understand this process a little better. We will look at the face as a whole and it may be that several areas need to be treated in order to achieve symmetry and restoration. The areas that can be treated include:



Cheeks A common sign of ageing can be clearly visible in the cheek area. The fat pad that covers the cheek bone is typically full and static in a young face. As the face ages this fat pad reduces and can also 'slip' down the face creating heavy folds near the nose and mouth, sunken hollow cheeks and a 'double bulge' or 'cheek crease' which creates an uneven profile. By replacing this fat pad the mid face can be lifted and a rejuvenated effect can be achieved. By lifting the cheek area this can often have an effect on the jaw line by lifting and softening the jowls. We recommended patients have facial cheek recontouring in two stages to achieve a natural balanced look and we offer package prices.




Before facial recontouring

After facial recontouring




Chin. When considering facial recontouring we look at the face from all angles. The side profile must be as balanced and the chin needs to be in alignment with the nose. When  alignment is out of balance volume is needed in the chin to bring it into alignment and create perfect symmetry. We also look at how the chin moves with facial expression and study how this impacts on the lines and folds around the mouth and combine botox procedures with facial recontouring to lift the mouth corners and correct the 'sad mouth' syndrome.


Droopy Eyebrows

Droopy eyebrows. In the early stages this can be corrected with botox but in the later stages often surgery is the only option. However as we understand the ageing process better we have come to realise that a volume loss in the forehead area can contribute to the eyebrows dropping. With careful treatment this can be corrected with a combination of facial recontouring and botox and delay surgery.



Ears. The ear lobes can be enlarged and re shaped using recontouring techniques. Wearing long heavy earrings can result in elongated openings and lobes. Some lobes are naturally very small and are not balanced with the overall face and again this can be corrected using recontouring techniques.


Before Ear Lobe recontouring

After Ear Lobe recontouring


Jaw Line & Jowls

Jaw line and jowls. In a youthful face this area is firm and clearly defined however during the ageing process jowls develop and there is a clear demarcation between the chin and lower jaw. Sometimes by correcting the mid face and lifting the cheeks the jaw line will appear lifted and re defined. We can also combine several techniques to the lower face area to achieve rejuvenation and a sharper angle to the jaw.  



Nose. Our noses don't escape the ageing process. The angle of a nose in a youthful face is high with the nostrils being visible. As we age the nose elongates and the angle drops often leading to difficulties breathing and can contibute to snoring! This can be corrected using a combination of techniques to restore the youthful angle of the nose.

Other problems that can be addressed with facial recontouring of the nose include bumps or imperfections that can cause upset and embarrassment. Whilst surgery is an option some patients are apprehensive about it and would rather a less invasive procedure and in some cases these imperfections can be corrected using injectables.


Before nose recontouring

After nose recontouring



Tear Trough


Tear Trough. This refers to the area under the eye along the bone which can appear hollow and sunken and can result in tired looking eyes and the appearance of dark circles. By filling this area with a dermal filler the appearance of the dark circles and hollows can be dramatically reduced making the eyes look brighter and rejuvenated.


Before facial recontouring

After facial recontouring


A more detailed explanation of this treatment is available here.



Temples. Surprisingly this area is affected by the ageing process. In a youthful face we have an imaginary inverted triangle known as the 'beauty triangle' with its widest point across the eyes and narrowing down to the chin. As we age the triangle is reversed and the jaw line and jowls become the widest point with the temple area reducing. In some face shapes this may not be due to the natural ageing process and just your natural shape. Volumising the temple area can result in a 'lifting' effect giving a more aesthetically pleasing and youthful look to the face.


Before facial recontouring

After facial recontouring



Matthew 45 years Company Director, from London, says:

Tear Trough procedure.
I recently found myself on the dating scene after many years of marriage and for the first time in years I looked at myself in the mirror. God had I let myself go !! I looked tired and drawn and with much trepidation (and under the duress of my sister) I went to see Doctor Glancey. She instantly recommended the Tear Trough procedure (didn't even know I had one). The difference after the procedure was really quite remarkable. I looked fresher and awake added to which I didn't look like I had work done, which would have been my worst nightmare. Thanks to all the Glancey team you made me feel very comfortable and boosted my confidence enormously. As a foot note the dating is going well

Karen 39 years Mother, from London, says:

Tear Trough procedure.
I had suffered for years with dark circles, in fact looking back at old photographs I had them as a child. I did everything known to man to get rid of them from drinking 4 litres of hot water a day to buying expensive creams from the chemist. Nothing seemed to work and then I came across an article in the Daily Mail which Doctor Lucy had written discussing the benefits of the Tear Trough procedure. I was straight on the phone and had a consultation booked within weeks. During the consultation Lucy suggested that my condition was suitable for this procedure and was even able to show me what it would look like afterwards. I am thrilled with the results, out with the touch éclat and in with a new confident me. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone suffering with this problem and would highly recommend Glancey Medical I couldn't be happier.