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Hormonal and Nutritional Health programme

This comprehensive programme is specifically designed to improve your general health and well being as well as slow down the signs of ageing and reduce the risk of age related diseases.

We are now entering an era of preventative medicine and are moving towards a proactive attitude to good health and anti-ageing as opposed to reactive. By monitoring ageing we can lessen the risk of disease and at the same time feel great on the inside and look younger on the outside.


Throughout our lives we suffer a range of symptoms that we put down to stress, age and lifestyle. Many of us tolerate these irritating symptoms and in most cases put them down to age.


The list of symptoms can be endless but can include fatigue, loss of libido, anxiety and depression, premature ageing, hair loss, weight gain and disturbed sleep patterns. Well the good news is that many of these everyday concerns can be improved and in many cases eliminated!


The programme can look at three aspects of your health; hormonal screening, nutrition and physical testing. Once this information has been collated a complete programme can be formulated. The Doctor will take you through your personalised programme detailing hormonal and nutritional supplementation, exercise and lifestyle changes. 


Hormonal Screening  

Our hormonal system is the control centre of the entire body. It regulates everything from our moods, sleep patterns, weight and energy levels. Illness, stress, age and lifestyle can affect our optimum hormone levels which can lead to a range of symptoms. As we age the hormone levels in our blood begins to fall. This can lead to a variety of symptoms including weight gain, low self esteem, lack of libido, tiredness as well as the signs of ageing including lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of muscle tone, the list is endless! These problems have always been associated with ageing and the menopause and just something that we have to put up with. This is not necessarily the case and with appropriate supplementation we can in some instances improve these symptoms and slow down the ageing process.


Using tests on saliva, urine and in some cases blood samples we can analyse your baseline hormone levels and determine which hormones need to be supplemented in order to restore and balance the body. The saliva and urine tests can be sent to your home and once completed you can post them back to the laboratory. If you require blood tests these will need to be completed in our clinic.


Traditional medicine treats post menopausal symptoms with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) which uses synthetic hormones to replace all existing hormone levels. We use bio-identical hormones. This means hormones derived from natural sources such as plants, which more closely match the structure of the bodys natural hormones. These are used to 'top up' and not replace the hormones that are low and restore the body to a healthy balance.


By assessing the hormonal balance an individual programme can be completed which can have immediate and very powerful outcomes including anti-ageing, leading to a healthier life.


Costs of the hormonal programmes vary depending on individuals symptoms and anticipated outcomes. Cost of hormonal screening includes the test kits which can be used in the privacy of your own home. The analysis and interpretation of the results is done by the Doctor. You will receive a comprehensive individual treatment plan illustrating the interpretation of the results and a hormonal supplementation programme along with costs. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


How long will I have to take the supplements?

This very much depends on what you are being treated for. There are several reasons why patients may want to go on the anti-ageing programme. For female patients one reason may be that they are aiming to treat specific symptoms that are a result of going through the menopause or other hormonal fluctuations such as post pregnancy or peri menopausal. Men also suffer from hormonal changes such as the andropause and experience a range of sympotoms that they wish to address. In cases of hormonal deficiency you may need to supplement these hormones permanently or for as long as the symptoms last. 


Another reason for treatment is to maintain a youthful appearance. When men and women age they experience a decrease in the level of their hormones, especially the sex hormones. In female patient this means, losing their attractiveness, developing dry skin and vagina, fine lines especially around the top lip and eyes together with all the other symptoms of the menopause. In male patients the decrease in testosterone levels means they lose their virility which is often associated with the so called mid-life crisis in men. If your aim is at maintaining your youthful features, you will need to look upon this as a long-term programme.


How much will the hormone supplementation cost?

Again this very much depends on what hormones need to be supplemented and this programme may need to be reviewed after a period of time. These costs will be discussed with you during your consultation with the Doctor.


Are the Bio-identical hormone supplements going to have any side effects?

There can be some side effects as with any medication. However if side effects do occur, most of the preparations are administered in the form of cream or gel through the skin and therefore the dose can be changed on a daily basis. You can also contact us direct at any time and be advised by the Doctor if you are experiencing unusual side effects.


I have had my bloods checked with my GP and they came back normal so is there any need to have them checked again?

This is a very common question. When bloods are analysed there is a minimum and maximum range that they should fall within. Firstly this is a broad range that varies considerably and does not take into account individuals specific criteria. For example you may be at the lower end of the range and be considered 'normal' but exhibiting signs of deficiency. By topping up these levels and moving to the higher end of the range these symptoms may disappear. We work mostly by symptoms as our main guide and we relate this with the blood tests results.


Is this screening programme for men as well as women?

Very much so. Men experience many symptoms which are specifically related to their hormonal levels and as with women these change over their life time.


Diet and lifestyle screening

There are many changes that can be made to our diets to reduce the risk of disease as well as make us look and feel younger. There have been numerous studies to show direct links between diet and diseases. By eating a better diet we can directly influence the way we age and significantly reduce the risk of disease. There are many plant hormones (phyto-hormones) in the foods that we consume, so we can supplement hormone levels naturally through our diet. Irregular eating patterns and poor diet can also lead to symptoms such as weight gain, anxiety and depression.


You will be given a food diary to complete over a week. We ask that you choose a typical week in your life and not a holiday or celebration time. You will need to record all your food intake and exercise patterns. Once this has been completed the Doctor will formulate a diet plan or make simple adjustments to your existing eating habits.


Diet and nutrition advice is included in the cost of the hormonal screening.


How do I get started?

You may wish to come and have a consultation with one of our practitioners to discuss your reasons for seeking treatment and what you would like to achieve.  From this we can advise you on the tests required and anticipated costs. Alternatively we can send you a questionnaire to complete at home and from this we can advise you on which tests are applicable to your symptoms.


Distance Screening

If you live a long way from the clinic, we can send you the forms and test kits for your saliva or urine tests. Once we have received your completed forms along with the results from the laboratory we can send you a detailed report, a proposed treatment plan and approximate cost to you if you decide to go ahead.


What should I do next if I want a treatment?

It couldn't be easier call or email us to arrange a consultation in one of our national clinics.

If you have more questions please e mail us or call 01206 298464/0870 4585483 and we will be happy to answer you questions.