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V lift

28/01/2011 at 15:17:13 | by Dr Lucy Glancey

V is for Lift! The latest non surgical face lift


The 'V' lift is a new concept from Merz Aesthetics involving lifting without surgery. It is an innovative technique using Radiesse® for lifting, volumising and contouring.

The ageing process is a fairly complex one and can vary greatly from person to person. We have to understand the various facets of ageing in order to address the outward symptoms which include folds, sagging contours and loss of volume to mention a few.


We often refer to the ‘Beauty triangle’ which reverses as we age leading to sinking cheeks, uneven contour of the jaw line and loss of volume particularly in the upper face and temples.  In younger faces the widest point is seen across the cheeks and tapering down to the chin giving us our imaginary triangle. However as we age the width across the cheeks decreases and the jaw line becomes less defined leaving it as the widest point and so the ‘triangle’ alters.


When surgical facelifts are performed surgeons have to be familiar with what are known as vectors of pull. This allows them to tighten muscles and skin in their natural direction of lift and so avoiding what has become commonly known as the ‘wind tunnel’ look seen in many high profile celebrities. A better understanding of these vectors has allowed surgeons to achieve more natural results which are far more aesthetically pleasing.

This same principal has been applied to the new 'V' lift technique giving shape and definition, reversing the beauty triangle back to its original position. By placing the product in the correct position both for lifting and restoration of volume the jaw line can be sharpened, cheeks lifted, temples restored as well as increased collagen formation, tone and suppleness.

I introduced a surgical lifting technique into the UK several years ago known as the ‘Thread lift’. This involved surgically introducing threads under the skin to lift the face with minimal contouring.  The 'V' lift has many similarities with the Thread lift procedure with the obvious advantage of being non surgical. With the 'V' lift we are placing ‘threads’ of Radiesse® along the same vectors that we would with the surgical thread lift, anchoring them to the upper part of the face. At the same time we can then create volume working like a sculptor to achieve a 3 dimensional restoration, eliminating as I mentioned before the ‘wind tunnel’ effect.  I believe my surgical background really helps with the intricacies of this new procedure and I can combine my knowledge both as a surgeon and aesthetic Doctor. 

I have completed several ‘V’ lifts in the last few months and I am very excited with the results. Improved techniques and better understanding of the ageing face have long shown us that simply filling a line will not restore an ageing face back to a younger one. However in skilled hands this rejuvenation can be achieved naturally and without surgery and this is something my patients want.

About the Author

Author Picture - Dr Lucy Glancey

Dr Lucy Glancey

Dr Glancey is the Medical Director and founder of the Glancey Medical Associates group.

Before entering the cosmetic medicine field she was a Research Registrar in trauma and orthopedics at The University of Warwick and is a joint patent holder of a technique for producing modified viruses to treat super-bug infections.


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